July 23, 2013

a truth, a tip and a photo - it's a blog hop!

Blog hops are great, they make me write and they make me read. Two of my favorite things that often take a back seat to the rest of my life.

This week's hop is easy, well maybe not so easy, well maybe pretty hard..one sentence leads to another and then all of a sudden it is three hours later..

So to make it easy:

One truth 

People with down syndrome dreams their own dreams and live these dreams.

Alex's current dream is to go to college (and get a college boyfriend). She is attending the University of Cincinnati this fall.

To get there Alex had to learn to walk, to talk, and get out of her diaper (just reminding the younger Moms - it does happen). She learned to read, write and do math. Alex can count money, purchase things at the store and take care of all her personal matters. I do NOT supervise her at all. Alex's accomplishments may happen slower then her peers, but they happen.

The last milestone to a viable college career for Alex was flying by herself while returning from orientation in Cincinnati. I did not take her to the departure gate, nor did I meet her at the arrival gate. As a matter of fact I was late to pick her up in Denver (2 accidents, one construction project and a closed highway) and she had wait for me for 1 1/2 hours. Huge shout-out to Becca for chatting with her while she waited for her flight out of Denver. But I digress...

One tip

Sweet and simple - BELIEVE in  your child- that's all you need to do. Believe and everything else will fall in place. Well, okay it takes a lot of work, but it is worth it a million times over.

One photo

This is Alex getting interviewed by Polish TV after winning a silver medal at the World Winter Special Olympic Games in South Korea. If anyone had told me when Alex was little that I would witness this I would have countered with - "Are you out of your mind?". I go back to BELIEVE. 


  1. I love your blog and reading about Alex's accomplishments. I see a wonderful future for my own son and will definitely follow you advice to always believe in him!!!

  2. I felt SO fortunate to get to meet Alex on Sunday. She's a remarkable young woman, and we chatted about school and about her trip before I left her to go catch my own flight. Having these kinds of interactions inspire me to no end - knowing that my daughter can be as independent as yours one day fills my heart with happiness and hope. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and seeing Alex again and having my family meet you both this weekend!! Hope we're still on!

  3. SO true and awesome. As usual.

  4. SO true and so awesome.
    If this is a repeat, I still mean it!


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