August 5, 2013

D Day

College departure date more commonly known as D Day is August 17th. Alex is expected to be at her dorm at 1 PM on August 19th.  I have booked a one way ticket for her from Vail to Cincinnati where her father will meet her. She will need to change planes in Denver. Am I worried? YES. Is Alex nervous? NO.

As an aside, my son is expected to be at his dorm at 9 AM on Thursday, August 22nd. When I return from Boulder on Thursday I will be all alone for the first time in 26 years. More on that later...

In the last few weeks Alex has been to Cincinnati for a week of college orientation and then spent a week in the role of Liszl at Challenge Aspen Music and Dance Camp. We have just returned from a week on the Jersey shore and now the real planning will begin. Commonly known as two weeks in panic mode.

During Alex's orientation week I heard NOTHING from Alex. She did call once or twice and we did facebook, but that is all I know. If it weren't for the reports from the families she stayed with as well as my sister who got her to the airport for her return to Denver I would know NOTHING.

I also knew NOTHING about what happened at Music and Dance Camp. I did learn that the ex-boyfriend from Texas was in town and he wanted to be "boyfriend/girlfriend" for the week. But at some point during the week he told Alex he "cheated " on her with a girl in Texas, so Alex broke up with him after crying her heart out for an hour. They have now decided they are friends.

For the last 20 years I have known everything about Alex - we were so connected and I was so involved in her life that she couldn't sneeze without me knowing. Yes, I exaggerate when she sneezed at school I did not always know. This umbilical cord which did not detach when Alex was born is now hanging by a  thread. I am hanging on for dear life, fearful I am the one who will lose part of my lifeline.

I leave you with Alex singing Sweet Home Alabama at the Challenge Aspen Family Barbecue. In my mind I have changed the lyrics:

Sweet home ColoradoWhere the skies are so blueSweet Home ColoradoMom, I'm always part of you 



  1. I can't even imagine! I guess the feeling is terror and pride all wrapped up together. Best of luck to Alex, she is hope for a great future for my little girl that I will hug even be grateful is only in 2cd grade!

    1. Thanks,your daughter will have such a great life...I miss those days :)

  2. OMG, you got me crying over here!

  3. Wow, I can't even imagine how I will feel when that day comes... Alex will be fine. Actually, she'll be *more* than fine. But I totally get what you mean about knowing *everything.* I think I may actually even know when Samantha sneezes at school. LOL

    1. Thanks Becca - I am going to miss her so much - she is such a day brighterner!


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