August 12, 2013


I do not do Alex's laundry, make most of her meals or supervise her in anyway. At 20 she is completely independent, and has been for a number of years. I do not pack for her, check her packing or remind her to bring toiletries - she always does.

Alex is deliberate about almost everything. She is methodical, organized and always ready. Alex time is a big part of success, If Alex does not have time to think through transitions, projects or activities and what they mean to her she gets frustrated and defiant. We always try to insert Alex time into any new opportunities in her life.

For three weeks Alex has been talking about packing for college. Up until a few days ago we were not sure if we should send clothing ahead or try to make it with two big checked suitcases and a carry-on. Three days ago we decided on the suitcases and Alex was ready to pack.

When I came home from work I found her large Team USA duffle packed and waiting in the front hall.

In Alex's room I found piles of all the non-clothing items earmarked for school. Everything is organized in categories and I am sure she is still deciding before anything goes in her other piece of luggage.

Tomorrow when I return from work I expect to see two check-in bags and one carry-on ready and waiting for D-Day. I still wonder where that organization gene came from. Not me. Not her father.


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