October 5, 2009

Catsup/Catch- up

Okay - so in a few hours, days, or weeks I may be embarrassed about this very bad pun - but maybe not. Bad puns run in our family - so if I haven't been embarrassed yet - who knows - may be it is not in the cards. Catch-up and catsup just sound too alike to be ignored.

I was thinking about my entries for the last six weeks – yes, I have kept this going for six whole weeks - only about 40 more weeks to go – and I realized I should catch-up on some open topics. I am sure I will miss a few - but this is what I know to date.

We never did figure out the significance of the stop watch and the orange squishy ball shaped like a brain. These items did belong to Alex's teacher Mr. S and we have tried to get her to ‘fess up - but she is not talking. The closest we can come to any rationale was that Alex was mad at Mr. S for something and this was her form of retaliation. Forgive and forget is my motto here.

Alex bowled 100 the other day at bowling practice. This involved two strikes, three spares and no bumpers. She is officially better than me! Unfortunately, this may put her in the top seeds at the Regional Special Olympics completion next week. I fear this score can not be repeated in the near future. Results to be posted.

The High School is actually doing two plays. “Big Bad” was the play that the director used for auditions – and Alex did not get the part of pig number one. Rather, she is Little Red's Mother in "Not So Grimm Fairytales”. Little Red’s Mother's description is “ethereal, hippy like” – this is NOT type casting. She has four lines and has been practicing at home every day.

Alex has not taken the school bus in weeks. She has play practice on Mondays and Thursdays, football on Tuesdays, walks to my office on Wednesdays, and finds something to do after school on Fridays. Since we are entering the cold and rainy season I know Alex will not ever take the bus this year. Out-smarted again is all I can say about this!

Alex is riding on Saturdays - and it is going great. She will miss the next two weeks though - which is disappointing for her - SO Bowling competition and a break for the horses. This weekend is Homecoming at her high school, which includes a home football game. There will be tons of kids and parents – so she must really do her tee removing job well or face humiliation. Guess I’d better start working on this.

Alex has still not gotten her I-pod touch, or ridden the stationary bicycle in the den - enough said on these subjects.

One last sad catch-up - Alex's best friend, Lucy, our dog is very sick. She is currently spending the night at the doggie hospital on fluids and antibiotics. We really do not know what is wrong with her. She is almost nine and according to the vet - it could be almost anything. Tomorrow I will pick her up and hope we have more answers. If anything happens to Lucy it will break Alex's heart, as well as all of ours.

And that is the catsup for now – perhaps in six weeks I will catsup again and another really bad pun will make its way to these pages. I sort of apologize.

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