February 1, 2014

A year ago yesterday

A year ago yesterday I was in South Korea watching Alex represent the United States of America in the World Winter Special Olympic Games. In honor of this life changing experience and this year Winter's Olympics in Sochi, Russia I am going to republish the posts about the Olympics.


In the last few days we have been to the Opening Ceremonies, driven to the DMZ and gone on a cultural tour provided by the Korean Tourist Agency. But except from a far we have not seen or heard a peep from Alex until this evening. This is all good, except I miss her so much. Alex has been my companion for so long, I have shared all her successes and all her challenges and now she is on her own path. I miss her so so much.

Tonight I did what every warm blooded Mother would do...I stalked the US Team. Well really it was not that bad..they were eating in the dining area and I just happened to look in the door, I just happened to see Alex and somehow I happened to say her name loudly.

And that is what I love about Alex - the look of sheer happiness at the sight of her meddling mother, sister, aunt and cousin. I have never been hugged so tightly, smiled at so lovingly or felt so wanted as I did in those few minutes with a 19 year old 4'10'' Olympic athlete.

I met two of Alex's coaches, who might think I am strange that I wanted to know if everything was okay...because it always is with Alex. She may have her quirks and her issue with transitions, but when she is the center of attention - as every athlete is this week - she shines.

Tomorrow is Alex's first competition. She is bib 283, division 36 competing in the morning in the Super G. Alex told me her practice run was good and she loved the snow conditions. I know she will try her hardest....and her Mom, sister, aunt and cousin will be cheering her on every second of the way!

Check her results here!

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