April 3, 2013

The Magical Mystery College Tour - Part 2

John and I appreciate we may have to relocate temporarily when Alex goes to college. We have no problem with this - our youngest will also be going to college in the fall. We love Colorado and in our dreams plan to make this our forever home for at least part of the year.

We had hoped to make that relocation to Princeton, NJ where I grew up and most of my family still resides. We figured it would be easy for me to get a job and Alex would be very close to a lot of her family while attending the College of New Jersey.

However, in our current norm  plans have a funny way of changing without any overt action on our part. I know, I believe there was an as yet unknown reason for her rejection, and a higher power at work, but come on – I WANT to live closer to my family.

So now we are working on a plan B, college is very important for Alex and that is what we will be focusing on. We also need to be cognizant of the fact that we may need to find work and would love to be in place that we love (even if it is not New Jersey).

Recently I posted about our Magical Mystery College Tour and thanked the many people in our newly formed college circle for the ideas, suggestions and recommendations. Following are some more recommendations from these friends. I hope I did not miss anyone!

Missy from Yo Mamma Mamma for the article about the Supported Higher Education Program at Northern Kentucky University. We are going to visit the program at the University of Cincinnati in a few weeks and may be able to get this on our radar. Plus my sister and her family live in Louisville, KY which is not too far away.

Jennifer from Talk - Down syndrome reminded me that most colleges have disability support services department such as the one at Wright State. For now Alex has chosen a different path for her post secondary education but this is certainly a great option for others students.

Lisa from A Brighter Sunshine for Kennesaw State University and The Academy for Inclusive Learning. Georgia is most likely on our Magical Mystery College Tour. John knows he will be able to get work in Georgia.

Lisa from Life Decanted and her plug for The University of Vermont’s Think College VT @UVM/CDCI. Last fall my son and I visited UVM and loved it. We also were able to meet Lisa and her beautiful daughter. Tom has decided on Boulder – but I loved Burlington and it is easy to get to Princeton from there!

And a huge thanks to Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes for her recommendation of the College of Charleston’s REACH program. And to Allison of Baxter Sez who has in-depth knowledge of the program. We spent many summers vacationing on the South Carolina coast and often speak of living there part time when we become empty nesters. Wait – isn’t that next year?

And the Tour continues….


  1. I do not personally have experience yet, but NKU has several students attending with Ds. Cincinnati Enquirer writer Paul Daugherty's daughter Jillian will be graduating this year. He has had lots of praises for the school.
    Have you tried to contact any of the Ds affiliates to see if they have any colleges that work well with them? I know if you contact DSAGC (greater Cincinnati) they could probably give you information on NKU, Cincinnati, and maybe even Xavier.
    So glad she is persuing her plans, and not letting 1 rejection set her back. Keep up the good work Alex!

  2. How wonderful to have so many options. I can hardly wait (okay I can) until we can see what's available when its Teagans turn. Only 18+ years left! Lol

    1. Yes and in 18 years the world will be his oyster! I am so excited for our LOs futures!

  3. I don't know how any of you afford it! Some programs are more than $30,000 a year! We looked at one (well, looked on line!) that was $78,000 a year!!!!! Yikey crikey!

  4. Well if you end up in Georgia, you have a blog fan here:)


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