April 6, 2013

Just killing time

For a long time I have been trying to get Alex to post on this blog. Her response - "I want to start my own blog". Her status  - two drafts written. So we wait.

I have also been trying to capture Alex on video for an "interview". As in all things Alex it will happen, just on her own time.

For now I was able to "capture" her for a few seconds when we were at Copper Mountain watching Tom compete in the snowboard nationals. The acoustics were not great - but this is Alex in all her goofiness

 I have a new quest....let's get Alex on tape!


  1. Love her! So great to see her on video! I definitely want to see her start blogging. I know she's a young lady with a LOT to say about a lot. :-)

  2. So great to 'see' her in action! I'll definitely read her blog when she gets it started! Come on Alex, your fans are waiting!


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