February 15, 2013

SOG - The Wrap-up

It is time to wrap up this series on the Special Olympic Games (SOG). We are in NJ for Alex's college interview......more on that later.  My mother and her husband are hosting a "welcome home" celebration tomorrow, with their friends and mine.  My mother has gone all out and in her party planning made this poster of Alex and her accomplishments (poor photography skills).

Alex and poster size reproduction of party invitation

It's hard to believe only 10 days ago Alex was competing in the World Winter Special Olympic Games in South Korea. Harder to believe, I was there with my oldest daughter, sister and niece. It is now a dream of a magical place where everyone is celebrated for who they are and not what they have... the world I want to live in someday.

The following pictures are taken from Courtney's facebook album entitled "my sister is better than yours". I was fascinated by everything Korean and have these beautiful photos to keep the memories alive.

Second Gate to Buddist temple - you must enter two gates to find truth

Buddist Temple

The largest gramophone and Thomas Edison memorabilia museum is located on the East Coast of Korea

The home of a 17th century wealthy man

And then there are all the heart memories, the ones that make any trip so extra special, the ones that stay alive even without pictures.

My children and best friends together again
Spending time with my sister and niece
The gift of socks because our Dad was a Korean War Veteran

And the best memory of all, my daughter who just happens to have down syndrome, racing her hardest to make her family and her country proud. A memory that I never ever imagined would be in my life.

Alex racing to the finish line

A huge thank you to South Korea and the International Special Olympics for making the dreams of 3,000 athletes from 111 countries come true...And especially a 19 year old girl from Carbondale, Colorado by way of Deerfield, Illinois


  1. I am so, so, so inspired by this post and your daughter! My son is not yet 3 and has Down syndrome, so while he's walking with only a little difficulty, he's not yet speaking. Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to imagine what life might be like for us a whopping 10 years from now... But reading your story and seeing these amazing pictures of once-in-a-lifetime experiences reminds me that it only makes sense to focus on today, at least for right now. Thank you!

  2. That picture of Alex crossing the finish line is the best!! What a fantastic adventure you've had. Congratulations to Alex!


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