January 12, 2013

Honor the important stuff!

WindWalkers has been a huge part of Alex's life for over six years.  It is a therapeutic riding program where Alex first got on a horse, learned confidence and gained strength. Alex no longer rides at WindWalkers, rather she is a volunteer. What better way to participate in the community than as a volunteer.

Molly has been the Executive Director of WindWalkers for six years, and will be stepping down as the ED and taking on the very important fund raising role on the Board. This is reason enough for a party...and we invited the usual suspects, prepared some silly poems and decided to congregate at Jill's  house for the festivities.

Alex and Molly have had a close relationship for these six years, and like many other clients at WindWalkers, she is sad that Molly will not be in the office everyday to greet her with a smile and a song (Molly's signature greeting).

Alex is about as loyal and caring as they come. She appreciates her friends and will always honor these important relationships in her life, and for Molly this meant writing a story. For weeks Alex worked on her story and sent me four different versions to edit and approve. It was truly a labor of love on Alex's part.

At the appointed hour Alex opened her notebook and read her story to Molly. But it was not just the beautiful words that brought down the house, it was the delivery. Alex has an uncanny ability to pause when needed, to laugh when needed, and to make eye contact when needed, she did not just read her story, she acted it. I cried...and she handed out copies to all her friends.

The following is reprinted with Alex's permission with no edits or changes on my part.

Wind Walkers
Written by Alex Bender

Our lives are all about care and also about each other and have fun.  We love each other and also we care about our life.  We have known each other I know why we first met at the old ranch.  I remember that day about our life and journey.  I know about everything all the riders have their own life and have their own life and journey.  The kid’s wants to show off their own skills to show the stuff.  We love all the stuff and care about them.  I love Wind Walkers because we care about our friends.  We love them and life and I want to give you a example like me.  Alex Bender has been with Wind Walkers for six years.   They know me I was 13 years old, I also to be with you Wind Walkers for a very long time, and horseback rider.   I am volunteer for Wind Walkers summer camps, and I also community volunteer doing stuff around the ranch, during   the day for one a week on Thursdays, I want to say about our friends. I call the name from this story, and I always be in our heart forever, that will be Mel,   Jess, Owen and new friend Zack.  And the person we love and have fun with   our friend Molly. The rest everyone like Tracey, Jenifer, Chris, Jim, Beth, Ben, Andy, Jill and her family.  Jeff and his family, my mom Gary and I love my family tons.  The Firemen I know Adam and Dean are always to be a good   friend for me, and everyone.  And thanks for everything and I want to say one thing about Molly like you always be there for me, and I always there for you. I always in your heart and you always in my heart, and our friend’s heart to make us happy, and make everyone happy.  I wish you all the love to you and tons of love to you Molly.  And we love you so much and I always think about you in my dreams and your dreams and everyone dreams, I want to say tons of love to you. 

The funny thing was Alex added the names of the others party attendees seamlessly through her story and edited her grammatical errors as she went along. It was beautiful.                     

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