January 14, 2013

Calling all Nuggets Fans!

Alex loves basketball. She played on the middle and high school teams, and still loves to shoot hoops when she can. Middle school basketball was great for Alex, high school was not (just search on basketball and she can read all the posts about this bad experience)

Alex has been to a few professional basketball games in Chicago. We were lucky to live in Illinois during the Micheal Jordan, Scotty Pippin and Dennis Rodman era when the Bulls ruled. That was basketball at its best.

Tomorrow night, January 15th the Denver Nuggets will take on the Portland Trailblazers at 7 PM MT/9 PM ET at home. Alex and her five Winter World Games teammates will be honored at this game and handing over the game ball to the players. This was arranged by Special Olympics Colorado - and is a dream come true for Alex.

We have never been to a Nuggets games, and despite the three plus hour drive to Denver, we will be in attendance. Please tune in and watch....and you never know, not only does Alex love basketball, she has been known to have a few crushes on tall men!

Please support the Special Olympic Organizations in your communities.

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