October 1, 2012

The 6th annual 31 for 21 Challenge!

A huge thanks to Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes for organizing over 70 bloggers and asking us to write about our lives, our children and the world for the next 31 days. We take this challenge because awareness of the gifts and talents of people with down syndrome is a gift we all share, and a magic we can share.

From Michelle's blog

Down syndrome is medically known as Trisomy 21. Trisomy 21 is for the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome that individuals with Down syndrome have. There are 31 days in the month of Oct.
The blog challenge is to blog for 31 days for (T)21. Blog every day in the month of Oct in honor of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

This is the first year I will  participate and it is a daunting challenge. Writing for 31 days involves planning, blocking off periods of time, avoiding redundancy and keeping our readers engaged. Very similar to advocating for my child in the special education system. So I know I can do this!

For the next 31 days I pledge to share, share and share some more...some good stuff, some bad stuff, some pictures, maybe a poem or song and of course Alex and sometimes me.

Everyone who meets Alex falls in love with her.

Alex is the apple of my eye, she is kind, caring and sensitive. She is the first to notice my haircut or new outfit. Alex has an intuition about others, and can sense when words of comfort or hugs are needed. She brings sunshine into everyday of my life.

Alex can be obstinate, rude, inflexible and a pain in the butt. If Alex does not want to do something, it is often very difficult to persuade her otherwise. The usual bribes and promises that work with my two other kids do not work with her. Her version of the future cannot get past the current moment to see what can happen in an hour, a day or the next week.

I would not change anything about Alex, ever.

Here we go................................


  1. Hooray! I knew you would do this!

    1. Thanks Nan - it is going to be a challenge - but hey - who is not up for a challenge?

  2. Oops are you saying I have to plan not be redundant and be engaging ? :)
    So happy that you are in! Yeah!


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