October 24, 2012

24/31 What a room!

I stopped going in to all three of my kid's bedrooms when they were about 13. I stopped making their beds, doing their laundry and bugging them about keeping their rooms organized. Every other month I do go into Alex's room and we purge due to her pack-rat tendencies, but beyond that I have no idea of what is in her den.

Exception to the ignore my kids rooms rule...17 year old boys.

Alex is very organized and likes things in place. She puts her books together, DVDs in the same place and clothes hung properly. If you ask Alex for something from her room she will find it within minutes, not so with anyone else in her family.

And to showcase Alex the model tenant:

Organized and clean desk

Organized and clean closet
Organized and clean laundry corner
And because not even Alex is perfect....clothes and IPad on the floor!


  1. Oh man .... we MISSED that particular part of the 21st, which many of jessie's friends seem to have, but she totally missed. I don't go near her room because it makes my hyperventilate. Okay. Not quite, BUT I used to find underwear flung and hanging off her lamp. Seriously@ So, she does all her laundry and the only request/demand is that ahs has a day when one of her chores is to do her room.

  2. ha ha Nan! We did luck out - cause my other two have no clue what it means to have a clean room!


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