August 1, 2012

Words with Friends

I try, I really, really try, but I just can't help myself. I can not stop from making four letter words.

I start with two letters, build up to three letters, avoid the colored boxes and hold my great letters. I have tried to match her point by point, but then something happens and I snap. I can not stop myself and I must play the points, and then she resigns.  Am I a bad Mommy, a fierce competitor or just impatient?

Sometimes I can keep me in check. Look at that "q" just waiting for an "i", or those "v", "l" and vowels that have begged to be played. I did not even try to get revenge when she played SUQ, who even heard of that word anyway?

I pull ahead by just a few points and it's all over. My IPad lets me know that once again I have beaten Alex Bender and she wants a rematch. I decline and my IPad pings again, "Alex Bender has requested a game". I decline and my IPad pings again.

Finally, I accept and the whole cycle begins again.

Alex loves Words with Friends. She knows how to make double words, use the S and E to make bigger words and has a good vocabulary. The piece of the strategy Alex is missing is how to use the double and triple letter and word scores. I have tried to explain this to her, but just like all 19 year old she insists "I know how to play this game Mom". I think that means quit when you are losing and request new games until I accept. Does she ever sleep?

I think it is time to share the wealth. Maybe Alex should play someone besides me, she is quite easy to find - Alex Bender. On second thought, not such a good idea, you will soon learn to regret your invitation, as I have.

I know - I will let her know her sister's Words with Friends name...sorry Courtney, we need to share the fun!

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  1. Am always up for a game! krlr/mobile user (not FB).

    I'm playing w/my son now too so I know what a terrible struggle it is not to put the Q above the I on the triple letter. SO HARD.


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