July 13, 2012

The land of enchantment

I had a dream we were in a land painted in red and yellow rainbows. In this enchanted land there is a magical city and in this city a beautiful historic plaza. And in this plaza one can feel the spirit of the Native Americans and early Spanish Settlers who inhabited this magical place for thousands of years. This place of my dream is peaceful and welcoming.

In this plaza there is live music every summer night. The square is crowded with locals and visitors swaying to the music. In this dream everyone is happy and a sense of belonging permeates the air.

There is a man in his early forties who dances to the music, and as he moves, he talks to his friends in the crowd. He is comfortable and fully included in this magical society. This remarkable person is dressed in a plaid short sleeve shirt, green khaki shorts and running shoes. His body moves to the music perfectly and he dances with the crowd, men, women and a young girl with down syndrome.

I watch from the back, captivated by the magnetism of this extraordinary man. I wonder why he is so enchanting, what magic does he bring that this crowd embraces him so completely. And then he turns around, I see this amazing person and I know. He is special and extraordinary, just like Alex and just like thousands of people across the US.

I wake up and I realize this is not a dream, it is Santa Fe. This is the dream for Alex’s future, a place where she is included and belongs.

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