May 1, 2012

Ears dropping

It’s Senior Prom weekend, the last prom of Alex’s high school career and a very special time for high school seniors across the country. Most parents are thrilled with this time of buying dresses, planning before and after parties, talking about dates, limos and corsages.  Not me.

Last year’s junior prom experience almost put me over the edge (search on prom.) But true to form Alex embraced this prom and spent a lot of time wondering who would ask her. This did not happen so we gently suggested over and over again she ask J. J. is a good friend to Alex , they ride together on Saturdays and having a great time joking with each other. J. also has down syndrome and graduated from the transition program at the high school two years ago, which puts him way over the 18 year old age limit.

Once Alex got over this, she decided it would be okay to ask J. (Justin Bieber never did come through). This involved some conspiratorial conversations with J’s mom to make sure J. would be a willing date. I must admit that micro managing Alex’s social life can be challenging, but is necessary as she gets older and recognizes she is not included in many of the high school cliques. Sometimes it completely overwhelms me.

Once we knew J. would say yes, I had to work on Alex some more, perhaps she was nervous J. would say no, but I think she still held our hope that one of the senior boys would ask her. Finally Alex got up her nerve, and told me she would ask J. with the following caution “Mom, do not ears drop.”

And that was all I needed to smile and remember there may be times when I get stressed, but it is never about me, it is about my very special daughter and her very unique way of looking at life.

I think I will replace eaves drop with ears drop in my vernacular, isn’t that what we hear with anyway?


  1. Have a wonderful Senior Prom, J and Alex!

    Eaves are the things we hear through as the sounds travel through the air.

  2. I love it!! Hope she has a great time!


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