January 27, 2012

Senior picture time!

Alex has been very particular about her senior picture. She has been stressed about this for months, I however have not - and this has bugged Alex to no end...

First she did not want one, next she wanted to look like  a ninja warrior and finally for the last three months she wanted to look "good". We did not bug Alex about this or argue with her choices, we knew peer pressure would get to her and she would do what the other seniors were doing.

Finally as we were down to the deadline and Alex told us exactly what we were going to do - bossy boots we call her.

"I want to have my picture taken at WindWalkers and I want my pal Gunner to be in the picture. I will wear my cowgirl clothes and we can have the ranch in the picture".

As the deadline loomed we no longer had the luxury of picking a beautiful Colorado day. However, this was no problem, Alex and Gunner make any picture beautiful!

The first picture was Alex's number one choice, not mine - but that's okay her amazing personality shines through in each and every picture.

Thanks Gunner - you are a great partner.


  1. Beautiful picture! Guess you are home now!

  2. Ha! I think I've figured out how to comment. I write a comment, hit preview, THEN hit publish, and it seems to work! HOORAY! Alex . . . go see Sterling Peebles at http://stirlingpeebles28.wordpress.com/

  3. What great pictures. Great idea Alex to have your picture taken with Gunner!

  4. Such great pictures! Alex you're so creative to include Gunner. Good idea!


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