August 11, 2011

Volunteer Extraordinaire!

We live in a culture of volunteerism. This is the way I was brought up and this is how we are bringing up our children. Giving back to the community is one of the most important ways to contribute, especially in today's world of budget cuts and resources being stretched just about as far as possible before breaking.

Both John and I volunteer whenever we can, which has been a lot lately as we do not have jobs. I must admit being a professional volunteer was always one of my life dreams, but not this way. Talk about stretching........

Our kids also volunteer as they are able, and that means all three kids, Courtney, Tom AND Alex. Luckily Courtney and Tom were not professional volunteers this summer - they had jobs.

Alex however is unemployed and once again managed to scam a perfect summer. Two camps, riding, summer school (if you can call it that) and lots of singing. Recently this has also included nightly phone call with a charming Texan named J. We just had to up our minutes to 2000/month!

Alex did find time however, to volunteer and just like her siblings I expect her to work hard and try to be the best volunteer she can. WindWalkers has three week long riding camps each summer. Alex volunteered at the last one. She was put in group of four kids, two boys and two girls under the age of ten. Alex, along with T, a peer mentor shuttled the kids to the art tent, the arena and the barn.

The reports I received from the staff and moms were great. Alex worked hard, the kids loved her and she was a joy to be around. She is even working on becoming a sidewalker for the younger kids while they are on the horses.

The last day of camp the campers put on a riding show for their families. Alex helped with the grooming, just like a volunteer should. The finale included a group bow from the staff and volunteers, and just like all volunteers Alex graciously acknowledged the applause and thanked her fellow volunteers.

How I wish we could all volunteer. It is one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling jobs I have ever done. My whole family knows this, and embraces the opportunity to give back, and that means my whole family, including Alex, our volunteer extraordinaire!


  1. This is so great Gary i think it is important for everyone to voulinter regardless of ablitiy. I have voulinteered before. It also helps Alex develop leadership skills

  2. Love this post to help remind us to volunteer and the importance of it all. Way to go Alex!!

  3. Volunteering helps our kids with special needs realize that it is not all about them. Way to go Alex!!! susan


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