August 3, 2011

Cloud nine

For the last week Alex has been infected with cloud nine. Cloud nine disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Keeping your bedroom clean
  • Doing Laundry
  • Showering every day without reminders
  • Making your own breakfast and lunch (without whining that nobody love me)
  • Eating healthy and losing two pounds
  • Giggling, laughing and joking
  • Talking incessantly with good articulation and grammar
  • Sharing pure joy with everyone in your life

This is the best illness Alex has ever contracted and instead of looking for the cause to prevent a new attack, I am desperately searching for the cause in order to keep Alex infected.

I have discovered this case was brought on by the boyfriend germ. This germ lives in a tall, handsome and charming Texan named J. Alex met J at camp and they decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend, (knowing Alex she probably told J he was her boyfriend, but he must have agreed). As with all young lovers, they even stole a few furtive kisses at camp!

Although J has gone back to Texas they speak on the phone every other day for a long time. Alex giggles and when the conversation is over bounces into the room and says “Mom, guess what? My boyfriend called me!” Master of the obvious, that Alex…We believe he will be back in the winter to ski with his family.

As with most diseases, cloud nine has infected all of Alex and sent that extra chromosome into shock. This darn chromosome on the 21st set is not participating in Alex’s life at all. In every way Alex has become an 18 year old, she is responsible, charming and manipulative. As I say almost every day of my life, Alex is just like her peers, she has an extra chromosome and it causes some delays. Today I do not see those delays, I see a teenager in love.

Yes, Alex is a teenage girl in love, just like millions of teenage girls across the world. She has a glow to her that only comes with young love, and a happiness that makes her one of those teenage daughters every Mom wants.  It is magical.

I know young love cannot last forever, especially between Texas and Colorado. T21 is still lurking in the background, ready to take control when cloud nine has dissipated. Perhaps we could send Alex’s blood in for testing, extract the disease, create a culture, make a shot and keep her infected forever. But I know that is impossible, so I hope and pray for a long convalescence.


  1. OH! I'm so happy for Alex, but I don't plan to tell Beth. :( I do love the analogy though! If you're able to bottle this 'disease' I would like to give some to Beth!

  2. So exciting to hear about Alex's new love! Hope it all lasts for a good while.

  3. April has had the same boyfriend for 5 years!!! Now she talks marriage............. She is 23 but needs a few more years to grow up. susan


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