May 10, 2011

Report from the War Zone - Week 11

The war on weight has just completed the tenth week of combat. The report is as follows:

Ground advancement:
5 pounds lost so far in the war

Enemy engagement:
better but needs lots of improving

Tactical tools:
chart well received and meals dutifully documented

Goal obtained:
no, but has maintained a five pound loss

Overall assessment:
good, but could be better

The battle will continue and each week we bring something a bit different into the zone. Alex conquered tactic one, and is tracking her food intake. Tactic two has to do with smaller portions, and this has proven to be more difficult. Alex is great at charting her food, but somehow neglects to account for the portion, to her one piece of pizza is the same as two. The can of frosting Alex snuck the other week, went down as candy, not a can of vanilla icing.Yuck.

Alex is very proud of her five pound loss, as am I. We have moved into a good exercise period, Special Olympics swimming and track. This will go on for another three weeks. School will be over then and I will be able to monitor her food intake even better, we will swim and work on other exercise plans. Hopefully this will increase the weight loss, as five pounds is about 20 pounds away from healthy weight.

Like all good generals I will need to reevaluate the plan constantly, and so far I have had limited success. Our latest tactic however may be a bit more successful.....John and I are on a 10 day cleansing fast and we have no food in the house. Let's see if you can outsmart me this week Alex!

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  1. A ten day fast....yuck. Two years ago April got down to 146 lbs and looked great. That put her in a size 10. Now that school is finished, she is over 22 years old, the pounds have come back. I can't seem to get her motivated to exercise. Losing weight for our kids is hard because they really do have a slower metabolism. Keep up the good work general.


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