May 11, 2011

Mom, I want to move to a state that does not have snow!

Alex has been asking us to move for awhile now. Sometimes she wants to move closer to her high school so she can walk to school, but other times she surprises me. She seems to come up with the most random locations, most likely from the Disney Channel. In the past Alex has wanted to move to LA to be a rock star, or back to Chicago to be close to her BFF Sarah. I have been able to manage her wanderlust, and certainly after high school the world is hers, but we must stay put for another year. 

Alex went to school resolved to move to a place that never has snow. Snow in May is just too much for even me to handle. Where is that May weather we have always been promised? Where we live, April showers are made of snow and May flowers are scared to come out of the ground. However, summer in the mountains is beautiful, short but still my heaven. It’s worth the wait.

Columbia, SC is now the destination of choice. Alex did her research at school and determined that South Carolina did not have snow, was warm, and on the ocean (for her Mom). Columbia is the capital, so it must be a great place to live according to geography by Alex. Well done, my remarkable daughter.

Like many of us Alex lives in the moment. I know if we relocate Alex will miss her life her so much she will be miserable. Transitions are hard for Alex, and especially life changing ones. She is comfortable here and has a good support group, recognition and lots of activities.

For example, Alex got 4th place in the Art Show at school for art journaling. Funny how a 4th in art is great, but a 4th in track and field/swimming is not. I believe Alex recognizes that competing with “regular” peers is a different playing field and knows it is harder for her. It all goes back to Alex’s growing recognition that she is different than her peers and needs to try harder and get the support she needs to feel included. She so wants to be like everyone else.

The 4th place ribbon is displayed proudly in our house; I did not have to retrieve it from the trash can, as I have been known to do for Alex’s Special Olympic ribbons. The icing on this cake; Alex’s art teacher pulled me aside and shared that the judges had no idea who the kids were, they choose based on the work. Way to go Alex!!

With winter sports over and the broken foot healed, Alex has been able to ride again. She can ride without assistance, although there is always an instructor with her. Alex loves riding; she loves it more than any of her activities. It builds her core strength and gives her an opportunity to be the boss. The program incorporates specific goals for Alex, such a social and communication. This season there is another rider with Alex, a young man with down syndrome….do I hear “boyfriend”?

Yes Alex, sometimes I get sick of the snow too. We can certainly talk about moving, but I will remind you of your friends, sports, activities and life here before we make a decision. But first, one more year of High School, and what about college? Okay?


  1. We live in NZc, just acouple hours from Columbia...we're always up for visitors. ;)

  2. We moved from Florida to Ohio. Talk about a shock. I don't like snow but love Ohio!! How old is Alex? I kept April in high school for an extra year and she took courses she wanted to take plus reading. Then she still had 2 more years because of federal law that allows them to stay in public school until they are 22. She had opportunities here to attend Launch through her school that did work study on Univ.of Cincinnati campus and Project Search that did job training at Xavier U. susan

  3. Hi there - Alex with be 18 in June...yikes...She has one more year of High School and then the transition program - right now she is not interested in that and would prefer to go to the local Community College - which has a great disability resource program. We (school district and community college) are trying to get Project Search out here at the local hospital..but moving slowly. Thanks for your great comments and suggestions!!

  4. Even though I am a CO native, snow in May is just wrong...We didn't get the snow, just rain, which we desperately needed. But there are days I'm with Alex on moving away from the snow!


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