March 9, 2011

Report from the War Zone - Week 2

Once again the good guys have gained ground. One pound to be exact, for a total one and one half pounds in this two week battle. General Mom has been forceful and stern. Enemy Alex has been cooperative and pleasant. This war on weight has been so enjoyable that John has joined Alex behind enemy lines. We now have two charts on our refrigerator.

I know it is way too early to rest on my laurels, but I am quite satisfied with our progress. Alex charts everything she eats, weighs herself in on Mondays and sets her goal for the next week. I did give her a break though and mentioned that losing nine pounds in one week would not be healthy. Although disappointed in my conservativeness she adjusted her goal to a one pound loss.

However, I know a quick victory does not ensure sustainability and weeks of behavior modification will be the only path to a healthy future. Alex is a visual learner who learns best through repetition and acknowledgment of her achievements. This chart idea was the best idea I have had in a long time. Not only does it hold Alex accountable, it modifies her behavior. Alex cannot open the fridge or the pantry without noting what she has eaten, and charting her plan.

I am glowing in my ingenuity and resourcefulness. Sometime I just have to acknowledge my own achievements, or perhaps I was so desperate I lucked out. But as always, Alex has to exert some power and has taken to abbreviating all her food consumption. She is perfectly capable of spelling and writing out all sorts of foods. But, as vested as she is in the process she does want to own part of the plan and put her touch on the chart.

For instance, I know C means cheese sandwich (I keep little food in the house these days) and GF for goldfish. There are a few abbreviations I am unsure of, but I ask Alex and her steel trap memory explains right away. I have also noticed Alex’s writing on the chart is very sloppy. This is unusual, her writing is usually crisp and clear, perhaps another not so subtle reminder that in the long run she is the boss. I am happy to grant her these little victories.

I am enjoying this time. Alex and I have become allies in her commitment to lose weight. With a weekly goal, a visual guide and much celebration I think we might win. I sure hope so……


  1. Great progress Alex! Keep it up!

  2. Alex: I was wondering if you had a food A-Z.

    And writing on a fridge is not the easiest thing to do!

    That's a lot of pasta and eggs on the chart.

  3. A - Z - I'm sure she could come up with something! Thanks for the support!


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