March 23, 2011

Calling all fans of the Garden State!

I grew up in New Jersey and am darn proud of it. Specifically, I grew up in Princeton, a lovely tree-lined town half way between Philadelphia and New York. I had one of those innocent childhoods of backyard soccer games, summer barbeques and lots of friends. I have the best memories of my life in NJ.

Recently, I became even more proud to hail from the Garden State and hometown has been chosen to host the 2014 National Special Olympic Games!!

I started this blog in August, 2009 to document the year leading up to Alex's participation in the 2010 National Games held in Lincoln, NE. She was one of 28 athletes chosen to represent the State of CO, and it was a life changing experience.

If you are interested you can read about the Games in the July 2010 entries of this blog. It was inspirational and moving for all of us. All three of my sisters attended as well as my Mother, her husband and four of my nieces and nephews. And now my hometown will host the next games, yet another of those un-coincidental coincidences in my life.

There are currently numerous fund raising efforts going on across NJ to help pay for this once in a life-time chance to make a difference in the life of thousands of athletes from across the country. My sister happens to be participating in one of these. From her most recent e-mail to me:

Dear friends and family, I hope this note finds you all well. I wanted to let you know about something I have been doing in hopes that you would consider sponsoring me. On April 9th I will be participating in a 3 hour spin ride to benefit the Special Olympics of New Jersey. As many of you know, my 17 year old niece, Alex, has downs syndrome. Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to watch her and her team mates compete in Nebraska as a special Olympic athlete representing Colorado. I was absolutely amazed @ the enthusiasm and tenacity of these athletes. Their determination was a sight to see. Their sense of commitment to their sport and to their team members is a lesson to us all and great fun was had by all, spectators and athletes alike. The dedication of their families, their coaches and organizations like the Special Olympics is what gives these athletes the opportunities to participate in such amazing games. If you would so kindly consider sponsoring me to raise money for the Special Olympics that would be greatly appreciated. It is very easy! Google, Special Olympics of New Jersey and click on Fundraising events. Go to April 9-10 Inspirational Ride, spin a thon @ Cando fitness in Princeton. Click "for more information." To the left of the screen you want to "sponsor a spinner". And then pick me! The rest is very self explanatory and they even take credit card for added convenience. Many thanks for your consideration and please call me with any questions! Lots of love, Katie

So - if you love the Special Olympics, and how can you not, and you love New Jersey, and how can you not, think about helping to support this great cause. I know the athletes will thank you.

Here's the shortcut:

Support Special Olympics New Jersey


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  1. Fan-tastic!

    Everyone will find their way to support the 2014 Special Olympic games.

    I have seen knitters, quilters, spinners...

    (and, yes, New Jersey - the Garden State - is a very special place).

    I especially love the idea that the athletes design the logo for their state.

    (And it's so close to target. $200 to go).


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