March 25, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

Here in the land of ranches and rodeos we often talk in cowboy vernacular. What I really meant to say was back in the ski boot again!

Alex’s broken foot has been a big, bad, bummer this winter. Not only where her dreams of gold medals at both the winter Regional and State Special Olympic Games dashed, her plans for the spring track season up in the air. Alex loves track and excels in it, but she cannot train yet. She will train for swimming, but she is not gold medal material and it frustrates her. Perhaps some humility might be in order this spring. Fine with me, all I ask for is exercise.

At her latest check-up two weeks ago, the doctor was pleased with Alex’s healing but she still must wear the boot for another three weeks. However, Alex did get permission to ski, as a ski boot is just as protective as a foot boot. I guess broken foots are not as common on the ski hill as wrists, arms, legs and other quite nasty injuries. And best of all…..Alex wants to ski.

We called Challenge Aspen to ask for a ski buddy for Alex, as she is very snobby when it comes to skiing partners. Mom and Dad are simply just not good enough company for her. Alex is a good skier, a total blue run chick with good turns and nice stops, but she wants an audience. Sara volunteered.

I left Alex with Sara, a twenty something intern who was delighted to ski with Alex. See, Alex has quite the reputation at Challenge Aspen; people think she is fun and funny. As with most people who know Alex independently of us, Alex puts on a good show. I can only assume she saves her bad behavior for us!

Alex prepared the plan…seven runs in four hours including lunch. I knew this was impossible but escaped as fast as I could to enjoy some time with John. As long as Alex has a plan she is happy, and as long as it includes lunch she will succeed, and willingly adapt as needed. Sara and Alex made it through four runs and lunch (a salad), about what I expected in the four hour period.

At the end of the day we met two beaming girls. Great reports from Sara, and a smiling Alex. There were no real issues with her foot, and Alex skied perfectly. Almost like riding a bike, except Alex can’t ride a bike…yet! We were so pleased that Alex got some exercise as well as confidence in her skiing. It has been a long, dreary few months, way too much TV and love letters to Justin Bieber. We need to get outside.

Yes, we are back in the saddle again – just in time for my favorite part of the season – spring skiing!


  1. Now that sounds like a wonderful plan: seven runs in four hours.

    (One run an hour isn't too bad either!)

    Challenge Aspen and Sara are great.

  2. Wow- impressive! I have to say despite living in VT I am a scaredy cat when it comes to Kayli skiing. I think she would be good but she's fearless. But I'm happy that Alex is going again! BTW- I just joined Good reads and reviewed your book on my list!

  3. Wow! She can ski... with a broken foot?! I am very impressed!


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