November 23, 2010

Mark the Date

When            Saturday, November 13th, 2010
Where          AMF Belleview Bowling, Englewood, CO
Who              Alex and T
What             A marriage proposal, or five, seven or ten
Response     No for now

I am not completely sure of the marriage proposal count. I heard five from one parent, seven from Alex and ten from her coach. I was not in the vicinity of these exclamations of love and do not have this information first hand. In any event, Alex at the ripe of age of 17, has had her first series of marriage proposals.

Yes, T the boyfriend, has decided to take his relationship with Alex to the next level (I remember those words so clearly from my days as a twenty something in love!). Wow, they grow up so fast!

T has decided they should get married. I do not think he has specified a date, beyond sometime. According to various sources, T got on his knees in the parking lot, sat next to Alex in a car and walked over to her at the competition. Once again these reports are hearsay, so perhaps I should embellish.

Alex, a beautiful 17 year old young lady with down syndrome who is 5'10" and 130 lbs, was proposed to on November 13th, 2010 by T, a VERY wealthy 16 year old young man with down syndrome. T took Alex to the best restaurant in Denver. They were both dressed to the nines, she was handed two dozen roses as she got into T's limousine to the 5 star dining experience. As Alex started on her dessert (Alex loves her dessert) T slipped quietly to the floor, and on his knees said, "Alex you are the most beautiful person in the whole world, will you please marry me?" Alex accepted, the wedding is planned for sometime in 2015 in Hawaii. They vow to take care of their parents forever. The future bride's and groom's parents are ecstatic!

Okay, this is not even close to what happened, But, one can always dream.

When I had the opportunity to ask Alex about these proposals she was very nonchalant, (a girl after my own heart). Her response to my inquiry of her responses varied. I can only assume this was based on each time T proposed.

“Mom, I told him we were too young”
“I told him we needed to go out on more dates”
“I said maybe when we were older”
“I laughed, and told him he was embarrassing me”

And the usual response when she gets fed up with my nosiness.

“I don’t remember Mom”

I really like T and I do hope he and Alex are able to forge a strong relationship. I love seeing Alex so in control, and having the upper hand. I love that T adores her and she knows it. This is not a regular occurrence in her daily life, and it should be. She should have all the anguishes of young love, the racing heart beat, the butterflies in the stomach and the secret smiles. I want all this for Alex and more.

We will see where this goes, and yes I will try to manage the situation and work with T’s family. I only have one concern however; Justin Bieber may appear at our doorway with a ring in hand in the near future. I know this because Alex told me she was going to marry Justin Bieber, I must assume this is something they have both arranged. Doesn't it take two to marry?

Alex would accept his proposal in a heartbeat and leave T in the dust. Please Justin, do not make Alex break T's heart.

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