September 12, 2010

A little self serving perhaps?

One of the many surprises of this past year of blogging has been the friendships I have made across the world. Granted these friendships are different than most friendships, as they exist only in cyber space.

I do not meet for coffee with these blog friends, nor do our kids know each other. However, these new friends and I share the most precious thing with each other; our children (or loved ones) with down syndrome.

The ability to write about, ask for and provide support, advice and caring is so remarkable to me. I am a child of the sixties and a teenager of the seventies, this future in technology was beyond my wildest imagination. Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

My two most recent posts have been downers. Although this whining is not my intention, it is my truth. l also learned this last year of blogging that if you keep the faith and do the right thing the world listens. So I write like it is, and know we will move on and always learn from our experiences.

Yes, we are sad, and yes, I am lonely without my husband, but this is not the end of the world. We are healthy and living a life unexpected with a child with down syndrome. This life brings me more rewards that I could possibly have imagined as a child of the sixties and a teenager of the seventies. I know things will look up and my posts will become lighter; it’s only a matter of time.

To that end I’d like to share a post from a mother in VT. Her blog is Life Decanted and I LOVE it. Like most down syndrome bloggers she is honest, open and finds humor in her life. She is also an incredible writer; please read about her 11 year old daughter if you have a chance.

Here is her post, and like many comments I get, this has gotten me thinking....perhaps this plea could actually work!
Some of you folks, especially the parents of children with Down Syndrome, will be familiar with the mother written exploits of Alex Bender from Colorado in her blog, The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl.
This is one of the very few blogs that I have come across which blogs about anything beyond babies and toddlers with Down Syndrome and since I have an 11 year old daughter I am always seeking inspiration and role modeling around what I can look forward to.
(Not that I don’t enjoy reading about the little ones too)

Alex’s mother, Gary, began her blog with the intention of capturing her daughter Alex’s 16th year in a journal form. And what a year it was, full of joy, growth, grief family adventure and culminating in Alex’s representation of Colorado in the National Special Olympics.

Well, now Gary has taken that year and published it as an e-book! Just in time since their family is struggling with a financial situation which is sending Dad/John off to another state to be employed. It is a wonderful story to buy and keep, only $9.99. It is inspirational for all parents but especially for those up and comers – parents who have small children/babies with DS and are imagining the worst about the lives their children may have as they enter high school. She doesn’t say it’s easy by any stretch but Alex has a wonderful, full life and a spunky personality and certainly an amazing family!

I highly recommend checking out this book on Lulu, “The Ordinary Life of An Extraordinary Girl”! I’m hoping that someday it will come out in hard copy so that I can have it on my resource bookshelf! Thanks Gary and Alex for taking the time and sharing your totally un-ordinary lives with us!

Thanks Starrlife!

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  1. I love all my blogging friends! I have learned so much from everyone and truly count them as friends even though we will probably never meet.


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