July 10, 2010

"Mom, I want a horse"

Alex wanted a cell phone; I got her a cell phone. Alex wanted an I-pod touch; I got her an I-pod touch. Alex wanted a laptop; I got her a laptop. Alex wants a horse; I am NOT getting her a horse. Despite my family’s opinion to the contrary I am not a push-over!

Alex just finished four days at the WindWalkers Riding camp. During each of these six hour days the nine kids groomed horses, went on trail rides, did arts and craft projects, played games, and washed the horses. I know this because I am unemployed, and am living my dream of becoming a professional volunteer. I spent one entire day with nine energetic and loud girls. Unfortunately, my pocket book does not agree with this new profession and that is a good thing.

Alex loves horses, and as I have described before, horses can be powerful healers and allies to a child (or adult) with special needs. A horse senses the rider’s unique requirements and adjusts. His (or her) gait slows done and varies according to the rhythm of the person. In many ways, the horse and rider become one. This may sound corny, and I know I have much difficulty explaining this relationship. However, as a non horse person, I recognize the magic that transpires in therapeutic riding and am a huge advocate.

Alex has been riding for three years and horses have become part of her life. So I am not surprised she wants a horse, but just not any horse. The horse must be white and named Mohawk, according to the picture Alex brought home of her latest fancy. Alex was very purposeful when she presented the picture to me. In the past she has been successful with her graphics; the cell phone, I-pod touch and laptop were all presented in a similar manner. But come on…a horse?

As lovely of an idea as this is – it will not happen. John is still adamant about not getting a dog, and a horse is much larger than a dog. James and Jack, the frogs Alex received for Christmas, are still alive and growing. Although they have tripled in size, they are much smaller than a dog, and seem to be happy living on our kitchen island in their tiny tank. Not too much maintenance required with these little amphibians. John is happy with our pet status and does not seem willing to budge at this point.

Yes, a horse is completely out of the picture. First we do not live on a ranch, and we certainly do not have the where with all to buy and board a horse. Horses are expensive and require a lot of care; time and money are at a premium now. It is simply out of the question. But I know Alex will not give this idea up, she is very persistent, and I will see pictures of horses all over the house for the next year.

Perhaps I can appease her some other way, she also wants a cat. My family maybe right after all, I could be a pushover after all!

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