June 11, 2010

Three silvers and a smile!

Alex arrived home from the State Games with her huge brace less smile, and three silver medals. The grandmas and my sister Sue were able to spend their last evening with Alex; she beamed the entire time, relishing her victories. There was no humble pie in our house.

Each of these remaining out of town guests was very ceremoniously awarded their own silver medal; a thoughtful and much appreciated gift from Alex. There were even some tears of pride shed. My tears were entirely selfish….my decision to let Alex miss her sister’s graduation was proved correct. I love being right!

This past weekend was very hot and I had concerns about Alex’s ability to compete. That darn extra chromosome affects her body temperature, not sure how, but it does. Alex overheats easier than the rest of our family and often will not wear a coat, even when it is 30 degrees. I do not fight her on this; I have learned over the years she genuinely does have a different body temperature than me.

When I met Alex at the pick-up location she was very flushed, but beaming. The coaches shared that all the kids had been overheated, and one of the athletes had thrown up. However, all eight Ninos tried their hardest, drank lots of water (and gatorade) and powered through the heat.

I am impressed and amazed with Cammi and Paul; heat is a real downer for Alex; I never have success getting her to do anything when the temperature is in the 90’s. Our coaches were able to keep Alex motivated; the thrill of victory kept her going and she was rewarded.

Alex competed in the 200M, 4x100M relay and shot put. These are the events she will compete in Lincoln, as well as the 100M. Alex proudly marched in the Opening Ceremonies with Team Colorado. She met up with her National Games Coach and greeted her Lincoln teammates. She danced, ate and had a ton of fun. I even think there is a romance brewing with one of her local teammates; a 16 year boy with down syndrome. Keep your fingers crossed!

Only 35 days until will experience the hot Nebraska summer. Only 35 days until Alex competes in the most exciting event in her 16 year old life. Only 35 days until we see our families again when they join us in Lincoln. I could go on with 32 other reasons I am proud of Alex and her accomplishments; perhaps best saved for another time!

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