May 5, 2010

the letter

As a result of Alex’s weeklong journaling efforts a letter to the crush; the apple of her eye and the object of her very overt affection was created. I was allowed to edit this letter to “D”, and suggested she take out the parts about not wanting ever to be friends again. This gave me the opportunity to talk about friendship and forgiving. I hope she heard and learned my message.

Enclosed is the letter Alex wrote to D, she has asked her father to deliver it at her last soccer game tomorrow. I have checked and D will be there. Grammar and spelling has not been corrected by me, despite my desire to do so.

Dear D – I miss old D, not new D. You hurt my feelings because at the soccer game on Aril 24 during the game. About the girl post out. You make me cry, I want old D back, to hang out with. Ones you came to visit me at the Hospital, I get pneumonia and you are different man. You really hurt my heart and my feelings. You are the best guy ever, in our world and I think you can’t come to which Alex’s soccer game. Let why. You are so busy guy, what is going on. Thanks to read this letter.


This person is a friend, Alex Bender

I have e-mailed D with the heads-up. I know he will be gracious and kind, and Alex will be appeased. We will reinforce the inappropriateness of having crushes on older men. I will remind her of her friend at the Special Olympics who was too old; D is even older.

Just like any other Moms, I hate to see my children so upset. But unlike most Moms, my daughter has a delay which exaggerates her inability to handle these matters of the heart. I do not like to intervene too much in my children’s lives, and often do not have to with Courtney and Tom. However, with Alex I feel part of my responsibility of raising this extraordinary girl, is trying to create an ordinary life for her. So, I intervene, after all, what 16 year old girl does not have a crush?

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  1. This must be so hard, but it sounds like you're doing such a great job in trying to use it as a learning experience. I hope I will have great ideas if this ever happens as Sheridan gets older - as I'm sure it will...


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