May 6, 2010

Another gene from me?

I washed Alex’s cell phone. It did not survive the rinse cycle. Some might say this was Freudian, five phone calls a day from a 16 year old was enough. I do not agree, I merely forgot to check Alex’s pockets before I washed her Team Colorado jacket she has been wearing non-stop since April 18th. I usually check pockets, but in this case I did not, Freudian perhaps?

Alex was surprisingly calm when I broke the news of her cell phone’s death. I explained we had an upgrade available and she could pick out whatever phone she wanted. After much debate and internet surfing, she picked the chocolate touch.

New cell phones to our area arrive by overnight carrier. FedEx needs a direct signature to leave a package, and no one is home at our house during the day (at least until July 1, when I leave my job!!). However, I knew if we left a note for FedEx, Alex’s new phone would be left at the door. I explained this to Alex and asked her to remind me to write a note.

Time to confess to another character trait which I have unwittingly passed on to my otherwise sweet daughter. I sort of have control issues, I micro manage and double check everything with my family. I think my kids are okay with this, but I know it drives John crazy and my sisters call me a control freak. Perhaps I should work on this at some point in my future..maybe not.

Not only did Alex remind me before she went to bed that evening, but she also reminded me when she woke-up. I appreciate the reminders, and had asked her to help. But, I had taken care of the note when I woke up, which is always before Alex. Doesn’t she need to trust me?

When cross-examined, I told Alex the note was on the front door. Unbelievable to me; she double –checked. Alex’s trust issues were realized when Alex looked out the door, not on the door and could not find the note. I got yelled at by a 16 year old girl with down syndrome and accused of not telling her the truth. I pointed out the note, she said “oops” and now I am trust worthy again. It was really quite humorous to see myself in someone else’s shoes.

It takes one to know one, and seeing is believing for both Alex and me. So I wonder again, where is that gene that wants to be skinny and pretty? Did only Courtney inherit it, and not Alex?

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