January 24, 2010

More, more Catsup/Catch-up

There are a number of advantages to writing this journal in “real time”. Real time allows me to write about events as they are happening. This prevents me from changing the past, or remembering it differently.

I have noticed this memory disparity with my reflections series; my siblings and I remember Alex’s birth a bit differently. This does not bother me at all, merely reinforces my desire to write in real time. I never really thought about how time can change memories, but it does. A very interesting phenomenon.

I am committed to writing in real time, and not change the past. Although, in the internet world it is possible to delete and/or edit past entries, I will not. The purpose of this year long diary is to chronicle Alex’s life as it happens, not as I wished it to happen. I am not sure if these are entirely different things or not.

An example of past accounts I will not change are basketball related. When I read my entries from the fall – I see, based on last year's team knowledge, how excited I was for the season to start. This year’s experience has turned out to be a big disappointment. However, it has also served to reinforce my overriding philosophy of life with Alex; hope for the best and adjust as needed.

In many cases, such as school, basketball/sports, and social interactions, adjustment involves serious intervention on my part. This does not cause me much anxiety, as I said before, this is part of my responsibility as the parent of this extraordinary girl. I am proud to help Alex realize her dreams while educating others along the way. We will make a difference!

This leads me to today’s entry. I am still pleased with my horrible misuse of words and a catsup/catch-up is in order. So a couple of quick updates:
  • John is still John, he has not given in on the radio station, and Alex had not given in on calling him Dad. A stalemate.
  • Sarah will be coming with her brother in February to ski….Alex is counting down the days until she sees her best friend (me too!).
  • Weight is still an issue, although no pounds gained, none lost – partially from sitting on the bench during basketball.
  • Alex does believe that Santa Claus brings presents to young children.
  • Jack the frog is alive and recuperating from his UPS journey.
  • We are all recovering from our sadness of 2009 by working on happy memories. Lucy is Alex’s wallpaper on her cell phone.
  • I have not won the lottery.
We expect to get more information about the Olympic Games in the near future. John is working on accommodations for the masses of friends and family who are threatening to join us. I will continue this journal though the games.

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading our story for the encouragement, information sharing and general comments I receive almost every day. I have had over 6,000 hits so far – and if my experience can help only one family or child – this is more than worth the effort.


  1. This is Joyce. Thank you so much for your description of writing in real time. I so understand about editing memories. I just recently had a conversation with a relative about this and I described it as "This is not fiction I am writing. It is the real life story, the good, bad and ugly. I don't have time to make up content or edit life." I really like how you have termed it.

  2. Thanks Joyce - yes sometimes it is quite challenging to acknowledge the present...but I do have to remember we can always learn from the past - assuming I can remember it!


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