January 21, 2010

James and Jack

I am happy to report we are pet parents again!

James and Jack arrived yesterday by overnight UPS. Much to my children's disappointment James and Jack are not puppies. They are frogs, tiny little aquatic frogs Alex got for Christmas. Alex received the tank and supplies under the tree, but the frogs had to be specially adopted/ordered, causing this three week delay.

I know these miniature creatures were not meant to replace Lucy, but their arrival brought back Lucy memories. This is not a bad thing; for the first time, Alex did not cry when she talked about Lucy. However, this did bring up her latest request – a new dog. I’m not sure these little mini amphibians will meet that need.

Recently, all three kids have all been on a quest for a new dog. I must admit I wouldn’t mind one either – the only road block is a fifty something male who does not want to be saddled (again) with all the dog care responsibilities. Despite the kid’s promises to care for the dog, we are still working on this unnamed male. I do not want to take odds on this though – sometimes he can be very tough. But, we miss having a family pet.

Alex was excited to meet the frogs and named them James and Jack right away. I’m sure these are also the names of two cute boys at school. Wouldn’t these 16 year olds love to know they have been so honored? For Alex’s sake I hope they never find out, although we are having the basketball girls over for dinner…the secret may get out.

As it turns out, James is the very active frog swimming around the tank. Jack is the very inactive frog floating at the top of the tank. I am beginning to think that the UPS trip was not kind to Jack; and we may have another death in the family. Lucky for us this one will not be nearly as traumatic as the previous ones.

Welcome to James and Jack, and although these teeny beings are not dogs, or cats (another request from my kids) frogs may be a good place to start. Perhaps the unnamed male who is currently resisting another pet may get convinced, or perhaps this may convince him he is right. Only time will tell!

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