April 28, 2014

The Top Ten ways to know Alex is home for the summer

10. There are clothes all over her bedroom  

9.  Degrassi is the top choice on my recorded TV shows

8.  Bowling is an important sport

7. My schedule is the topic of our nightly conversations

6. Alex talks about her 21st birthday every day (June 19)

5. Alex talks about sweet and sour chicken every day

4. We spend an inordinate amount of time talking about our next meal

3. The phrase “Mom , when I was at school”….is part of our morning conversation

2. I remember why Alex’s nickname is bossy boots, and finally

1. Hugging is part of my life again!


  1. Awesome.
    And also - Marcus' birthday is June 20th! It would have been June 19, but he was stubborn and didn't want to share with his grandmother...

  2. Wow, it must be nice to have Alex home :)


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