April 10, 2014

Thank you to all my circles

When a  child with special needs is born parents reach out to friends, family, service providers and their community.  Sometimes this is successful and sometimes we as parents learn that awareness needs to be created first. In my case I become angry at the system and people in the systems that created such barriers for success.  But I learned  during my journey with Alex to trust in the process. Our paths are not straight, its valleys and plateaus are purposeful and places we have opportunities to learn and grow. And as we continue to learn and grow we create circles of support around ourselves and our children.

Although this  term circles of support has traditionally been used in the person centered planning process for people with disabilities, I realized I have unconsciously built very powerful circles around me and this is saving me.
Until two weeks ago when I shared Broken with all of you,  I never knew how many circles I had and how many people lived in those circles. To each and every one of you, thanks for reaching out. If I did not return your voice mail or only sent a brief thank you to your message it was because I was overwhelmed.  People from all parts of my life responded and getting back in touch with many of you has been the gift of this life changing event. I am humbled and grateful.

I do not mean to turn this into my divorce journal, rather a story of healing, something I learned almost 21 years ago. My son returns from college this week, Alex in two weeks and in mid-May we head to Philadelphia to watch my oldest graduate. In a year I will graduate with a MSW and be able to search for a job anywhere I want.  The future is bright if I trust in the process. I am okay.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. Wonderful, congratulations and enjoy the journey.

  2. Gary, you are a true gem and I am happy to hear that all of your friends and "family" are rallying around you. I learned so much from you--through your book and now through your blog and FB! Your future is so bright and your babies are returning for the summer soon! Hugs and love to you, Gary.

  3. What Anna said. :-) Btw, when in May will you be in Philly? If it's on a weekend, it may be at a time when we'll be up there, too - would love to meet up!


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