August 24, 2013

Phone calls and texts

Alex is technology savvy.

She is great with her computer, her IPad and her cell phone. She downloads apps, uses Facebook and sends/receives emails. There is probably not much she can not do with technology - or at least not much more than I can do!

Alex got her first cell phone when she was 13 so she could call us as needed. She has since gone through four upgrades and decided she is getting the latest iPhone with her next upgrade (got the money for that Alex?). With the exception of one stolen phone, Alex has not had any broken or lost phones. This is more than I can say for her parents or siblings.

All this technology gives me confidence. I am less concerned about Alex's safety or her ability to get directions than in the past. I know Alex will call  me or text me if she is lost, unhappy or needs anything. When Alex flew by herself to Cincinnati with a plane change in Denver I was confident she could do it - and she did.

This week is orientation week for Alex and she has a lot of down time. The TAP students are working on team building, learning their way around campus and socializing. To me, this seems like a great idea - it gives the students a week to acclimate and feel comfortable in  their new environment. This also gives the students a lot of down time between activities so they can adjust. And just like me, Alex is shy when she first meets new people and has been quietly taking in her new environment.

Before I go on - I love hearing from all my college kids. I love it when Courtney pops in with a quick FB message - or texts me when she finishes her exams. I can call her whenever I want and she will call me back. As an aside Tom has been gone two days and I have only called him once and as hard as it is, I know I need to let him have a few more days before I check in again.

And to go on - I believe this freedom is an adjustment for Alex. I am sensing she does not know what to do with her spare time yet, as classes do not start until Monday. So she does what she knows best and calls or texts me. Often. Three or more times a day. Just wait until her internet is connected, the FB messages will start too.

Finally one of my kids shares EVERYTHING that is happening at college with me. Keep it coming Alex. Maybe you could try once a day when your classes start. Love ya!

Block party luau at UC


  1. SUCH an exciting time for her! I love following her on this journey, thank you for all the updates!


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