July 6, 2013

Mom, this is my last (fill in the blank)

Yes, Alex I get it...but do you really have to rub it in EVERY DAY!

Alex will be going to college in mid-August and just like her siblings convinced she will never live in my house again, or for that matter Colorado. I don't believe any of them, but for now we humor her and her siblings. I remember saying the same thing to my parents an eon ago.

I never ever thought Alex would be going to college, when she was born post secondary opportunities for people with disabilities did not really exist. But we listened when Alex spoke and realized her dreams were just as important as her siblings. We geared her high school curriculum to realize on time graduation and researched colleges. And we learned opportunities for post secondary education are available and becoming more accepted in college curriculums across the country.

Back to Alex and her daily pronouncements, and I do mean daily. On any given day I am told, advised and informed of one or more of the following:

Mom, this is my last summer at WindWalkers.
Mom, this is the last time we eat at (fill in the blank)
Mom, this is my last Special Olympics State Games
Mom, this is last time I will get my hair cut in Colorado
Mom, this is the last time.......

I discount many of these declarations, in my heart I know Alex will miss Colorado, just like her siblings. I suspect she will be back next summer and working at WindWalkers, eating at Timbos, getting her hair cut at the Hair Barn and hanging out with her Special Olympics friends.

But, most recently when Alex shared "Mom, this is the last time I will be in the Aspen parade", I was secretly glad. 21 years of parades is enough for any Mom, a break is in order!

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  1. Love love love... Enough already, right?

  2. Go Alex! I'm laughing about the parade. We went to watch the parade this 4th of July and I told my husband that we should try to get the kids in the parade next year. Hmmm ... maybe not. :)


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