June 30, 2013

Walking, Talking, Chewing Gum

Alex reminds me everyday that she is leaving me on August 19th. As she says "Mom, I am done with you, I am going to college". Ah, if only that were true!

I do  not know how Alex will handle college,I suspect she will be fine, but as in all things Alex, I hope for the best, and adjust as needed. College and adulthood are the next unknown for us but I have learned not to worry.

I have been reading a lot of the baby posts and going back to those special days when Alex did not walk, did not talk and did not do a lot of things. Those days have disappeared in the memories of all three of my kids as babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and now high school graduates (and olympic skiers).

So to help me remember I wanted to share:

Your babies will roll-over, crawl, walk, run, climb and jump - all on their own time.
Your babies will talk or communicate how they can - all in their own time.
Your toddlers will climb and jump - all in their own time.
Your children will go to school and learn to read and write - all in their own  time.
Your teenagers will have love drama, hard tests, lots of tears and lots of fun - all in their own time.

And.....your children will leave the house (if you both desire) and you will have the happy memories, not the sad ones.

Just some food for thought....don't sweat the small stuff.....enjoy the moments and set up a present that  represents a positive and possible future. Enjoy your child! Soon enough the down syndrome will go away and your child will have all the same needs as you did when you were little

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