June 4, 2013

Rockin' Ryno's

There is a bar in Aspen called Ryno's. 

Monday night is karaoke night at Ryno's. 
Alex and John love performing on a stage before a captive audience. 
Way out of my comfort zone.

To sing karaoke at Rynos' you must sign up with the karaoke master,
You must choose a stage name.
And if you do not like loud noises you must wear Special Olympic ear muffs.

Behold "Backstroke Queen" singing "American Honey".

I bet Aspen has never seen anything like this.
An almost 20 year old adult with down syndrome wearing Special Olympic ear muffs.
Reading the lyrics to "American Honey" from the karaoke board.
Singing her heart out in front of a crowded bar.

No need to fear Aspen, I am sure the "Backstroke Queen" will return.

Every day Alex amazes me with her intelligence, poise and confidence, maybe she can teach me to overcome my extreme fear of karaoke!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. My bear cub is four and I imagine she's going to love karaoke when she's older.

  2. Go Alex, Go Alex (where's the dancing font on this?)

    Marcus L-O-V-E-S karaoke. We've found one particular bar where both the staff and crowd absolutely embrace him. He keeps me up past my bedtime. :)

    This is awesome.


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