May 4, 2013

College is a reality!

A little over six weeks ago I wrote a post about Alex's college dreams and her letter of rejection from her number one college choice.  The post quickly shot up to the second most popular post and I suspect it may become number one in the future. College can be a part of our kid's future and  Alex's generation has been making their dreams of college a reality.

Following is an excerpt.


Yesterday my daughter was broken. Yesterday Alex saw her dreams dashed. Yesterday she felt all her hard work was for naught. Alex cried and cried and will cry every day for a long time. Disappointment is hard for all kids, particularly Alex. It takes Alex longer to get out of the now than her siblings. The next few weeks will be rough..... 

 Yesterday I fell apart. I cried for all the hard work we have done to help Alex realize her dream of going to college. I cried for all the hard work I have ahead of me as we search for another college option for Alex. I cried for all the paperwork I have filled out and will have to fill out again. I cried and cried and will cry everyday for a long time.


Thanks to that second most read post ever we received a number of recommendations from readers across the country. This show of support helped Alex and I get back on track and we investigated a number of programs. 

Each recommendation went through the following vetting process. First, Alex's criterion:
  • Not in Colorado
  • I want to live there
  • I want to go for four years
  • When I graduate I have a diploma
  • I want to make lots of friends
  • I do not want my Mom or Dad to be there
Next, my criterion:
  • Close to family or friends (or we temporarily relocate)
  • Safe environment
  • Inclusive classrooms and extracurricular opportunities
  • 4 year certification program tailored to Alex's interest
  • Nice kids, nice campus
  • Dedicated program coordinator and support staff
After a lot of phone calls and internet research we came up with our short list (in this order):
1. The University of Cincinnati
2. The College of Charleston
3. Kennesaw State University

A few weeks ago we headed to Cincinnati, which is no easy task from Carbondale, CO. 

The beginning of the trip to Cincinnati - Carbondale - Denver - Atlanta - Indianapolis - Louisville

The trip home - Cincinnati - Louisville - Indianapolis - Minneapolis - Denver - Carbondale

In my next posts I will share more about the interview and the trip to Cincinnati, especially our lunch with two wonderful ladies we have been following from afar - and the reason we learned about the TAP Program at the University of Cincinnati!


  1. Woohoo! Can't wait to read more.

  2. I am so excited for Alex! Her dreams of college will come true I have no doubt. Sending love and hugs to Alex and family!

  3. Very exciting stuff. I am looking forward to going to college with Alex :-)

    1. I am so glad - Just hoping Alex share with me!

  4. looking forward to following this journey!!

  5. Okay, I suspect you've already made your decision...but let me share that I teach at the College of Charleston, and I'm a big fan of our REACH Program! Alex could take Women's and Gender Studies classes with me!

  6. I cannot wait to hear more about Alex's journey!

  7. We must connect while you are in Ohio. So excited for Alex!!


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