February 7, 2013

SOG - So much to write about!

Although it took over 44 hours I am happily nestled on my couch watching my favorite TV shows.

Our trip to Korea was amazing and inspiring and in my subsequent posts I do not think I will be able to do the adventure justice. A some point soon, I still want to share about some of our side trips to the DMZ, Seoul, Chuncheon and the complimentary tour given by Korean Tourism for the Special Olympic Families.

Alex's last race was amazing. She was seeded sixth of seven and raced her way all the way up to a bronze. Her face says it all:

Alex raced through rain, snow and the bitter cold. But her technique was always perfect.

The Closing Ceremonies were a celebration of the success of the previous nine days. This quote from the Closing Ceremony booklet is the pledge we all made to the chant of "Together We Can", the theme of the Winter World Games.

For nine days the world celebrated people who are different, yet people who have the same dreams and visions as the rest of us. It truly was amazing and inspiring. This is The Sorisaem Bell Choir of Uiryeoung Love House, described as Special Artists who performed at the Closing Ceremonies.


  1. What a trip! I have enjoyed your posts and joy of all that Alex has accomplished and learned. The medals were the frosting on the cake.

    1. It really is remarkable how far we have all come.


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