December 2, 2012

Single again!

Once again my remarkable daughter has shown awesome judgment and maturity. She has just informed me she has changed her facebook status to single.

Alex knows a lot about safety and choice, but sometimes she can be overwhelmed, especially when a young man is involved. Her recent conversations with a testosterone driven teenager scared her and she has "broken up" with this aggressive suitor.

I am proud Alex was able to talk to me about this and asked for my advice. Just like her sister, she wanted to share her boyfriend problems and wanted my opinion. In this case, it was when this young man began to propose sleepovers and would not take "no" for an answer that Alex's "is this safe radar" went off. We discussed her options and she decided on her course of action.

Alex told him she wanted to be friends and to back it up she asked is she could use my name. I happily agreed, and an uncomfortable situation was averted (for now).

It must be lunch time....
10 lbs lost and a very proud 19 year old who loves how she looks and feels!


  1. I hope my daughter & me can deal with these situations as effectively - thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Life does not seem to get easier as our kids grow, does it


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