December 22, 2012

Just a few tidbits

Alex has opened up about her trip to Lake Placid last week.  I love when Alex recounts her adventures, she has such a great understanding of what is important and what is not. Friends, food and fun are to be shared, skiing not so much, that is why she went to Lake Placid, why relate the obvious?

Alex did provide a day to day recap of her activities, plane rides, hotel rooms, meals and activities (she remembers everything) but her eyes light up and her voice speed up when she shared the following:

Alex has made a great friend named Amanda. a figure skater from Colorado. I met Amanda at the airport and when I asked Alex if Amanda had down syndrome she said "duh" and then shared that everyone had down syndrome except Misty. According to Alex Misty has a different disability "loudness". It seems as if Misty was the ring leader at night and the girls got in trouble for hanging out in the hallways and being too loud.

Amanda, Alex and Rachel (the third female athlete from CO) have planned a Mom and daughter lunch before the girls leave for South Korea. Only problem, we live 3 hours away from Denver...over two mountain passes.and ice covered roads (it is just  year ago I totaled my car going to Denver). Guess we will have to brave it anyway.

Side note.....everyone does not have down syndrome. Alex is attracted to girls who have down syndrome, and boys who do not. No idea what rocks her boat in the boy department these days.

Coach Lee
Alex's roommate was Coach Lee and all we learned about Coach Lee is that she is "crazy" because she woke Alex up every morning by singing to her. One day Alex and Coach Lee were late for dinner and missed dessert so they got a box of cookies instead.

Side note.......anybody who gets Alex a box of cookies for dinner is a friend for life.

The Fashion Show
The only evening activity we heard about was the fashion show. On this night all the athletes showed off their new team uniforms and team pictures were taken. Alex enjoyed the hoopla and all the attention the team got.

Side note...Alex got 17 new clothing kidding...two new ski jackets, two new ski pants and assorted shirts, turtle necks, fleeces and work-out clothes, This does not include the four pieces of luggage. Merry Christmas Christmas shopping is done. Okay - since I know you read this...I was kidding!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's nice to get a glimpse into Special Olympics at that level. Wow, the clothing is incredible. What an amazing accomplishment for Alex. I am proud of her and she isn't even my daughter. You must be on cloud nine. Merry Christmas........Susan

  2. Yes Alex, food friends and family are to be shared!

    Great idea to have a Mum-daughter lunch planned.

    Can definitely relate to loudness as a disability. Differential volume control, Alex and Gary?

    Alex's attractions ... thought that would be a fairly representative sample in the whole Special Olympics movement.

    As for missing dessert ... remember very well the McDonald Land box of cookies.

    WOW! The fashion show is something else. So many cycles we talk about the Team Uniforms (Olympics, Paralympics, Special Olympics and world champ events).

    Have just read a wonderful book about two people who went skiing round the world (many of the latter chapters are dedicated to skiing and its travails at elite and recreational levels). Australian agricultural/patrician family (Mum was a writer; Dad a Member of Parliament).

    Wish you all a wonderful season with crisp ice and snow and a fantastic campaign sporting-wise. Promise not to smash too many instruments (as in the swimming campaign in Italy) earlier in 2012.


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