November 28, 2012

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Through Alex and because of Alex I have met many remarkable people. Win is one of these people, this press release of her autobiography speaks for itself:


An Inspiring Life
In her autobiography, ‘I, Win’, author Win Charles gives readers powerful inspiration and teaches them to never give up.

Author Win Charles details her absolutely amazing life in her autobiography, I, Win: Hope and Life – My Journey as a Disabled Woman Living in a Non-Disabled World.  A lifelong sufferer of cerebral palsy, Charles lived her life in a way that many people cannot imagine.  Cerebral palsy can affect many areas of a person’s life, such as speech, movement, hearing, and seeing.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of being a person with cerebral palsy, Win chose to treat life as the gift it truly is.  Instead of drowning in her sorrow and wishing she could change the cards that were dealt to her, she instead faced life head on, with vigor and strength of spirit that is rarely found.  Inspired by her mother, who was her sole caregiver for twenty three years before she sadly passed away in August of 2010, Win found a reason to make her life both inspirational and moving, not only for others who suffer from cerebral palsy, but for those who don’t, as well.

All too often, people can take life’s gifts for granted.  Many people will never know firsthand the trials and difficulties faced by the author.  However everyone, everywhere, can benefit and draw courage from her tale of incredible determination against the challenges she faced.  Choosing to dedicate the book to her mother, Charles tells her story not only for those who have cerebral palsy, but for others as well, in order to let them inside the world of someone who suffers from this disease.

Extraordinarily touching, powerfully moving, and never less than inspiring, I, Win is a book that will reach the hearts and minds of all readers.  No matter their particular difficulties, all can draw inspiration from Win’s sunny and positive outlook on life.

Win Charles

Win Charles was born in Aspen, CO, in 1987.  She is a self-taught digital artist who uses art to express herself, as well as to cope with having cerebral palsy.  I, Win is her first book, which she has dedicated to her mother, who taught her strength, passion, and to never give up.
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