October 31, 2012

31/31 Phew and the book give-away!

31 post in 31 days....Wow to everyone who was able to do this. It was very hard for me to keep up  with this and read all the stories. I am so behind in reading about all my favorite kiddies.....and feel like a bad aunt who had been out of touch for a long time!

Thanks to everyone who entered our book give-away. I have notified the winners and will be sending the Alex signed books out this week. If you are still interested in reading about our magical journey you have two options:

1. Let me know you would like to review my book on your blog, or other web-based site, by emailing me at theextraordinarygirlllc@gmail.com by Saturday, November 3rd and I will send you a complimentary copy. Check out the reviews.

2. Purchase the book for $0.99 through Kindle by Saturday when the price will revert back to $4.99. I reduced the price today and it may take a few hours to change...so check back!

Once again a huge thanks to all you 31 for 21 bloggers, it was delightful, enlightening and always a pleasure to read, learn and embrace.

Alex and I will be back with more stories and more magic.....the pizza restaurant, 6 pound weight loss, Korea update and much more...

Share the magic!

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