March 18, 2012

Social Media

I often am concerned about social media and people with disabilities. I have written before about Alex and her mastery of technology. Alex texts, emails, signs up for all sorts of newsletters, has her own facebook page and is on YouTube.

My concern is not about Alex, it is about everyone else. Alex understands stranger danger and does not talk to people she does not know in person. I do not think this healthy fear of strangers exists for many people in cyberspace. Personal information is so easily shared these days, and privacy no longer respected. To me these can be opportunities for abuse and especially for people with disabilities.

At least for now, I can monitor some, but not all, of Alex's communications. I worry that Alex will post on her "crushes" pages or too much on her friends' pages. The nuances of social media etiquette is difficult to understand in an environment where communication is so accessible, and particularly for my technologically talented daughter.

Luckily for me, but not for Alex, I do take down inappropriate facebook posts and read her emails. She has one upped me with her texts though, as she erases then after sending or reading. I guess I could check our verizon account.... For now, I am happy with posts like this from Alex, it is the ones of the future that scare me:

You guys and girls are my hero i really LOVE POWER RANGERS and you guys and girls you have red, blue, green, yellow, pink, gold all really and i what to ask you about What about the next " black"
The Power Rangers are back, with a new look, a new cast and on a new network. 'Power Rangers Samurai' debuts on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7, at 8PM ET.


  1. Wow, Alex just amazes me. Beth is not into social media at all. We bought her a computer this passed Christmas but she's only been on it twice! Maybe I should be grateful?!

    1. they are just that many years apart when technology became so important in school!

  2. Social Media is good netiquette for people with disabilities because it's easier to overcome disabilities while chatting online since it's digital not physical. Thanks for raising the awareness of all netizens about people with disabilities online. Your awesome!


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