January 2, 2012

The top ten things I learned from Alex in 2011

Living with Alex is entertaining, frustrating and never dull. Each year I look back at the things Alex has taught us and they always include patience, acceptance, happiness and peace.

This year we relearned these lessons and many more. Following are the top ten new lessons of 2011.

Drum roll please…………….

10. Hair highlights can be orange or black if you are 18

9. Phones make the best alarm clocks and calendars and must always be updated

8. It is very important to take a half hour shower every morning before school

7. Tracking meals and weight on a weekly chart really works except when you sneak food

6. It is okay to date older men if you have something in common with them and they live in Texas

5. Pokémon cards are still cool, at least in our house

4.  A job in childcare is rewarding for the worker not the child

3. Justin Bieber always sings Alex’s favorite songs

2. I will always be Alex’s mommy (I knew this - but I heard it 365 times, so it bears repeating)

And finally, one more drum roll please…..The number one thing I learned from Alex in 2011

1. A hug will always make you feel better and could possibly create world peace


  1. Great top ten list. I was actually thinking of doing a post about the 10 best things about having kids with Down syndrome... Happy New Year

  2. I loved this!! Great idea, great top ten!


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