December 14, 2011

The movies

Alex takes a class called computer graphics - or something like that.  I have met the teacher a few times, and he says Alex is always focused and requires little assistance during the class. She stays on task and is a wiz at adobe photoshop - much more than I can say for me.

The students were given an assignment to make a movie about themselves and set it to music. For weeks Alex has been collecting photographs around the house - and unbeknownst to me has pulled some from this blog.

Alex is really quite transparent at times and instead of trying to analyze each frame of this movie as I would with my other kids - I know exactly where Alex is coming from and what she it trying to say. In short, Alex shows her love for her family, her sports and most importantly herself in this 2 minute movie. Isn't that a lesson for all of us?

Quite an accomplishment for anyone and particularly telling of what our kids with special needs can do, give a little instruction, a little direction and support as needed. I am quite proud.


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