November 21, 2011

The last play of the last fall of the last year of high school!

Alex has participated in the fall play every year she has been in high school. The drama coach, Mr. M. has been supportive and welcoming to Alex each year. He has pushed her hard and made the same demands on her as he does the other students. Alex has also had the benefit of one of her peers as a coach. T has worked with Alex each year, been the shoulder for her to cry on and helped her through her lines.

This last play of the last fall of the last year of Alex's high school was challenging for Alex. She was given 27 lines and memorized each and everyone of them. She went "off book" before any of the other actors and became the role model for the troupe. Alex had a fairly big part and was on stage for at least half the production. I could tell she felt the pressure.

This year a case of stage fright ran around on opening night, and Alex got is worse than most. She forgot five lines, but thanks to her friend T. who was next to her on the stage she got through the lines.

Alex finished the evening in tears, she was disappointed she forgot her lines and both Mr. M and T consoled her. The next evening was much better, but once again Mr. M and T. consoled her. The tears were not over the performance, she was pleased with the show, the tears were those of disappointment. Alex has difficulty understanding that despite attendance commitments, people's schedules change, and two friends who had promised to come did not.

I am so proud of Alex, her commitment to learn her lines, her recovery from stage fright and eight solid weeks of play practice. I do not blame her for the tears, I know this is a level of maturity Alex has not yet mastered. I do not like to be disappointed either and have been known to shed a tear of two.

As we enter this week of thanksgiving I am thankful for Mr. M and T. But mostly I am thankful this is the last play of the last fall of the last year of high school. We are all ready to move on


  1. Please tell Alex "great job" from me. My guy Jake is a senior too. Where did the years go?

  2. Wow, I think she's so brave! I could never get up on a stage and act! She was good!

  3. She is an incredible girl and I'm not sure crying is any different than I would do :) Congrats Alex!
    I'm a mess just watching!


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