October 10, 2011

Too many choices?

Did I really write that…Too many choices? Does Alex really have college choices? Will Alex really be able to attend a college of HER choice, as she has dreamed about? Can I really step back and believe Alex will go to college and receive the support she needs to succeed while participating in a real life college experience? The answer is YES, I will believe this is true.

I have just returned from a week in New Jersey visiting two such programs. Unfortunately, I went by myself as Alex had school and more importantly the Regional Special Olympic Bowling Competition. John stayed with Alex and Tom, and although Alex called or texted me daily to share her love for me, she survived as did John and Tom.
Mercer County Community College
Both programs I visited, perhaps I should say colleges and programs within the school, provide support, student mentors, individualized college goals, inclusive extracurricular activities and the list goes on. The Directors I met were passionate, understood the challenges all college students have, and thought of the student first, not the institution.

Alex will be applying to colleges just like her peers. She even wore her Vikings jacket and Lions tee shirt to school today, symbolizing the colleges she is applying to – just like all seniors in high school. Alex will fill out the applications, just like her peers. Hopefully she will be called for an interview (one of the programs is very competitive), and we will take a tour of both campuses. Just like with Courtney, my fingers are crossed and I realize this is out of my hands.
The College of New Jersey
The best part of all - I arrived home to three happy people - John, Alex and Tom - and a second place in the the Regionals!


  1. Congratulations Alex!

    Those two New Jersey colleges are looking good.

    So the Open House for the College of New Jersey is the 12th November 2011, and I like the acronym/motto for DREAM: "Developing real expectations for achieving mastery".

    Applications are for the 1st February 2012 at Mercer County.

    Second place in the Regionals? High game and high score?

  2. What an exciting time for you and Alex. Is it more expensive than a traditional college. The one I looked at for April was $33,000 a year! Yikes.

  3. Congratulations Alex! Can't wait to hear which college she'll be attending!

  4. WooHoooo! It's a new world every day!

  5. I have heard great things about both programs. I'll be thinking good thoughts for Alex! I'll also be picking your brain in a year or two when its my Alex's turn :-)


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