September 11, 2011

Rockin' the PATH

In my previous post about the PATH process, I mentioned one of Alex's goals was to be a music singer. To that end we have been working with some of our friends who have bands. The Roaring Fork Valley is full of musicians and artisans of all kinds, and it is easy to find someone who has a band and equally easy to find a band who needs a lead singer named Alex.

This Saturday our local town had a street party, and guess who sang?

And sang some more:

And then danced up a storm (dancing was in her PATH too)

Today is my father's birthday, he passed away 5 months before his birthday was immortalized by the worst tragedy to affect Americans in our lifetimes. Today I miss my father and mourn the citizens and soldiers of the United States who have lost their lives in the last ten years.

Today when I look up to the sky, I hear my father saying, "You done good Alex, and you too Gary, just follow the path".

Today I am proud of my father, my country and especially my daughter.

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