September 1, 2011


There's a new game in town and it is called Rabbit.

The rules of this game are quite simple:

  • Give a football to a slightly overweight girl with down syndrome named Alex
  • Tell Alex she must never give-up the football
  • Ask 20 sweaty high school boys to chase Alex around the football field and grab the football, while explaining Alex must win
  • Call Alex rabbit and have her dodge the boys like a rabbit for 15 minutes, laughing hysterically, wondering if she is in heaven

The benefits of this game are immeasurable:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Laughing practice
  • Lung usage from screaming
  • Confidence and popularity (due to 20 teenage boys chasing Alex)

Once again Alex has been asked to be the Manager of the boy's football team. The coach called John before school started to ask, they set-up the schedule and Alex has been working with the team for three weeks. As with last year, Alex will assist at all home games, bring water to the team and retrieve the tee after kick-offs.

Last year's experience was very positive; the boys respected Alex and became her instant brothers at school. It was a truly inclusive and welcoming activity for Alex.

Only a teenage girl can understand the happiness when every member of the football team says hi to her in the hallways at school. Only a mother can feel the happiness her daughter feels when we walk around town and every member of the football team says hi to Alex. By osmosis I am a high school football fan, a huge stretch for me, but sincere. I am really looking forward to those windy and cold Friday night games.

Run like a rabbit Alex!

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  1. Oh, would love to see pictures of that!! :)

    It does my heart good to know there are high school boys like that. Kind and sincere. I'd go to high school football games with those kinds of players!


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